Hi fellow readers, my name is Mandi, welcome to my blog. I created this blog to share my spiritual journey, and a very raw one at that. It’s not one of yoga and mantras, or special forms of meditation. It’s not about always being happy. My journey is of looking deep within, asking every question, uncovering every curiosity until it uncovers me. It’s of fire and earth, of passion and being grounded. It’s of water and air, of being with feeling and thought. Sometimes it’s of light, sometimes of darkness. I embrace it all, placing everything in its proper place. I am no professional, no guru or yogi. I am not a master in anything except in learning to be a master of myself.

I strive to be a tree. Roots firmly planted in this earth while I stretch up to the skies and spiritual realms. I take it in the sun, the dark black soil, the clear skies, the storms with rain and thunder. I grow from the day and the night.

My religious and spiritual base is Islam but I don’t allow myself to become restricted to it. A few years ago I decided to get bold and study other spiritual traditions. I picked up Judaism and Kabbalah. I decided to read the words of the Dalai Lama. I ventured into learning Aramaic along the way. I have been addicted ever since and always adding more.

My journey has changed me, continues to change me. I inhale of the world and all its beauty thus I may exhale my beauty back into it. Come with me…

If you have any questions, send me an email: mzhmeyers@gmail.com.


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